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          Zhejiang Haimen Electronic Instrument Factory was founded in the 1960s (now the of Zhejiang true Group core businesses), one of the units of an earlier production of test equipment designed to provide a wide range of testing instruments and equipment for the electrical industry, the factory has perfect quality managementsystem in 1997 through the ISO9001 quality system certification, factory equipment, strong technical force, measurement, complete testing instruments, is one of the first unit of measurement equipment manufacturing license "(ie, CMC certificate), I plantthe leading product is the quality testing of all types of motor system, including several large hysteresis dynamometer and SC series flash speedometer is my factory-quality products, I plant equipment and instruments for decades has been accepted by many userswelcomed by the users, especially in recent years have introduced various types of new hysteresis dynamometer and a variety of motor input and output parameters test system, I plant, nearly ten thousand users all over the north and south.

a whole through the section of ISO9001 certification
measurement equipment manufacturing license was made in the eighties
2001 as Zhejiang famous brand enterprises

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